9 February 2015

Changes - Moving Out, Moving Country

While we are well into the year, and this post may be a little late, I thought it would be nice to drop in with a little update on the changes that are going on in my life - and how I am dealing with them. 

Change can be exciting but also extremely nerve wracking. A few weeks ago, I packed up my bags and moved away from my family and friends to study for a few months in Belgium. For me, this was 
a big move, as it would be the first time to live out of home, away from the comfort of those who are close to me. Living away from home now means I have to
be organised and independent, managing everything - from food, to bills, to toilet paper stocks!

While it has been a scary transition, I'm pretty sure i'll be very happy I took on the challenge come 2016. Being a big stationary girl, I managed to make the move a little easier by treating myself to some new notebooks, pens and this cute green phone case. (Ahem - €2 Primark bargain and still holding up strong)

The pink diary pictured above is a 2014/15 Moleskine journal which is a new discovery for me, and one i'm oh-so happy to have found. I had been on the hunt for a good diary to keep all my dates and deadlines in order (because how else would I become this new organised version of myself?), and this one is perfect for the job. The diary contains a detachable phone book as well as a little document pocket in the back, and pages of useful information including measurement conversions and a ruler! (Can you tell I am excited about this one?) 

The simple brown notebook is from Tiger containing plain pages of very high quality for the price, and is really handy for jotting down bits and bobs on the go. 

While the last few weeks have been filled with change, new faces and new places, it's these little things that have really helped to make it all seem a little less daunting. After all, a girl with a hot pink journal and pretty phone case can do anything... right?


  1. aw well done on making such a big move! id love it if youd comment back xx

    1. So sorry for the late comment - obviously not as organised as I think I am! Hope you enjoyed reading the post!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Charlotte! It was quite scary at first alright!

  3. Such a big change! I hope you have fun and experience new things on your new adventure

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