4 October 2014

My New Go-To Lip Pencil

I was never one for lip pencils. Until I found MAC Whirl that is. This beauty entered my collection only a couple of weeks ago and has completely switched up my daily lip.

Some say this is the secret to Kylie Jenner's famous nude lip, but if i'm honest this isn't something that interests me too much and I picked this up simply because I loved the colour.
I would describe this as a browny pink shade, which is deep enough to bring colour and life to the face without being too dramatic.

I have been opting to wear this every day all over my lips, with no gloss or lipstick on top. I just love the colour too much to use anything over it! I will warn you though, this is quite a drying formula, but nothing a little balm at night can't solve. Because it is a lip pencil rather than a gloss or lipstick, you'll most likely only have to reapply once throughout the day and I wouldn't even deem this completely necessary.


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  2. I love this pencil! My favourite one at the moment is nightmoth, it's not too different from this!
    Jessica x

    1. I need to widen my collection, really loving lip pencils at the moment! Will have to keep an eye out for that one x