9 February 2015

Changes - Moving Out, Moving Country

While we are well into the year, and this post may be a little late, I thought it would be nice to drop in with a little update on the changes that are going on in my life - and how I am dealing with them. 

Change can be exciting but also extremely nerve wracking. A few weeks ago, I packed up my bags and moved away from my family and friends to study for a few months in Belgium. For me, this was 
a big move, as it would be the first time to live out of home, away from the comfort of those who are close to me. Living away from home now means I have to

1 February 2015

My First Venture Into Eyeshadow Sticks

Until recently I had never tried a cream eyeshadow stick, tending to play it safe by sticking to basic powder formulas. While I love a good eye shadow palette, I'm so happy I finally got my hands on these KIKO eyeshadow sticks. 

I have two shades from the range, colours 05 and 06 both of which are equally as creamy and pigmented. At first I was a little worried they would be

15 January 2015

Makeup Treats

You know that feeling of absolute joy when you finally receive that one product (or products...) that you have been eyeing up for ages?

Yeah, well thats the feeling i'm lucky enough to be experiencing right now.

After months of lusting over the world-famous Lorac Pro Palette, I finally got my grubby little paws on it on Christmas morning. As Lorac is not available in Ireland, I was starting to believe I would never own those 16 perfectly neutral eyeshadows. However,

9 November 2014

My Holy Grail Hair Product

A few months back, I took the plunge and cut most of my hair off. I used to have long, waist length hair and it took some major courage to book into the hairdressers and watch them cut it all off. The thing was though, my hair wasn't healthy. It didn't look good. It didn't even really look like real hair. I was so blinded by the fear of cutting my hair short that I didn't notice how bad the condition of my hair really was.

Now when I say I cut most of my hair off I am being dramatic - I had it cut to just above my shoulder.

It may seem silly, but lots of you will understand that this really was a big jump for me, and did take some getting used to. Having said that, my hair was so super healthy after the chop and really did look so much better. I now realise how much of a difference having healthy hair really makes. Not only does it look much better, it's so much easier to manage.

Now - getting on to the good stuff.

27 October 2014

The Perfect Pair

With the winter fast approaching and the cold weather already upon us, its time to start switching up our skincare routines so as to protect ourselves from the harsher conditions. I always find with the start of the cold weather comes dry, chapped lips - something I can't stand.

My favourite way to keep dry, chapped lips at bay is to

19 October 2014

An Oldie But A Goodie

You know when you find that perfect nail shade? The one that compliments your skin tone perfectly and makes your hands appear dainty and elegant? Yeah, well this is the one.

Models Own Utopia has had a special place in my collection for a year or two now, and while I often forget about it, it's always a nice surprise

4 October 2014

My New Go-To Lip Pencil

I was never one for lip pencils. Until I found MAC Whirl that is. This beauty entered my collection only a couple of weeks ago and has completely switched up my daily lip.

Some say this is the secret to Kylie Jenner's famous nude lip, but if i'm honest this isn't something that interests me too much and I picked this up simply because I loved the colour.